Isochronic tones activate the brain with a single tone that turns on and off in a particular pattern. The contrast between on and off is high, inducing a high neural response. The brain listens intently to this pattern causing it to leave a strong imprint in your gray matter. Your mind is then taken into a deep state of consciousness, where your body releases all your opiate, feel good chemicals and hormones.

However, a little consideration goes a long ways. It’s not only respectful to be discreet with our personal interactions; it can also be a fun and challenging game to engage in. There are ways to controllably silence your insatiable pursuit for pleasure. Of course we can bring out the duct tape or ball-in-your-mouth restraints, however implementing more of a meditative deep breathing practice during foreplay and lovemaking can actually be intensely satisfying. We can become even more present with one another and consciously aware of our physical sensations when we focus on deep breathing and remaining absolutely silent throughout the entire intimate experience.

Nevertheless, nocturnal emissions are simply a reaction of reproductive system, which helps in ejaculation of excessively produced seminal fluid from the body. Moreover, in adolescence years, hormonal changes increase the production of seminal fluid, which is eliminated from the body through nocturnal emissions. In addition, adult males experience wet dreams during the period of abstinence. Furthermore, during the period of abstinence, seminal fluid gets accumulated inside the body of an adult male, which is eliminated through nocturnal emissions. But, whatever may be the reason for discharge of semen during sleep at night, it must not happen more than two times in a week, because more frequent wet dreams are harmful for the body.

Like men women also masturbates but they want to keep it a secret hence women don’t discuss about the masterbate techniques they use to relieve themselves. The private part of a woman has a button like organ called clitoris. A woman gets aroused when the clitoris is pressed gently with warm pressure. It is mandatory for a woman to be careful when penetrating her finger or something else inside her vagina because her nails can make cuts on the private parts. Also they should wash their fingers before touching the clitoris as the finger pores may carry germs and bacteria.

One of the most popular BDMS toys is vibrator which is used to stimulate different parts of the body. Most common vibrator is dildo which comes in wide range of different sizes and shapes. They are optimum for internal as well as external use. Some of the vibrators are penetrative vibrators, anal vibrators, g-spot vibrators, bullet vibrators, vibrator wands, bunny ears vibrators, rabbit vibrator and luxury vibrators.