Isochronic tones, in the theta brainwave range (the brainwave activated during orgasm), will bring your emotions to the surface. Experiencing these natural emotions will just add to your sexual experience. You will feel immensely connected to your partner -and that's good no matter how you look at it.

We should not have to compromise our sex-lives just because we’re sharing space with others. Sustaining your romance and intimate connection with your partner is essential for maintaining passion and harmony in the home. It can be more uncomfortable to have to contend with marital discord than to witness an overt expression of sexual attraction – even if it causes others to snicker and roll their eyes. Those around us, especially our children and relatives will appreciate observing genuine love and affection rather than conflict and tension. After all, they just want us to be happy – and what could make us happier than great sex?

Discharge of semen during sleep at night is medically known as nocturnal emissions. Moreover, it is a kind of problematic condition that harasses every male at some point in their life. In particular, occurrence of nocturnal emission is very common in adolescence years. Furthermore, body goes through hormonal changes during early adulthood, due to which teenagers experience wet dreams. Nevertheless, it can be defined as involuntary ejaculation of seminal fluid during sleep. However, nocturnal emissions are common amongst teenagers, but some adults might experience ejaculation during sleep. Nonetheless, it is considered that nocturnal emissions are healthy only when they occur in limited frequency. And, experts consider that, discharge of semen during sleep at night is healthy if it happens only two times in a week. On the other hand, excessive wet dreams can harm affected person in both ways, physically and psychologically.

Men don’t require a reason to masturbate but they do need to learn best masterbate techniques for complete satisfaction. Ideal way to treat you is to play gently with your sex organ. Hold it in your hands and pamper it until it releases the white juice. If you can watch a porn movie or chat with a sexy girl over phone then you can feel the ultimate pleasure. Hardcore porn videos can fire your desire for sex hence it’s good to have a couple of sex movies in your personal drawer. When you need to masturbate, you can pick out a movie and enjoy great time watching the video.